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Das mahavidhya are the ten great feminine cosmic powers which represent ten fundamental aspects of the Supreme Cosmic Mother’s personality. The disciplines which lead to the inner communication within this cosmic power is known as MahaVidhya Yoga or Sri Vidhya Yoga . The ten cosmic power are each represented by a Goddess and each Goddess has a specific cosmic function in the universal harmony. The traditional sequences of the ten Goddesses are:-

Kali :-

The power of Time and the night of  eternity which Vidhya is used for SADHANA.

Tara :-
  The power of void and the night of  anger which Vidhya is used  for achieving GOLD or material prosperity.
Tripura Sundari :-
  The Power of absolute  splendour which Vidhya is  used to cerate IMMOVABLE (tangible ) PROPERATY.
Bhuvaneshwari :-

The power of space and the night of realization which Vidhya is used for   awakening of PRAN SHAKTI (Kundalini Shakti).

Tripura Bhairavi :-
  The  power of death and the night of destiny which is used for change of DESTINT and bringing prosperity in life.
Chinamasta :-

The power of sacrifice and night of courage which Vidhya is used for the ELIMANATION of evil powers.

Dhumavati :-

The power of deprivation and the night of frustration which is used for REGAINING wealth, prosperity and business.

Baglamukhi :-
  The power of success  in  every aspect of life which Vidhya is used to WIN OVER your internal and external enemies.
Matangi :-
  The power of domination and night of illusion which Vidhya is used for developing a HYPNOTIC PERSONALITY
Kamla Sadhana :-
  The power of perfect happiness and paradise which Vidhya is used for (LAKSHMI PRAPTI ) sudden gain of wealth such as monetary, lotteries, inheritance etc.
These sadhanas are not new and have been practiced or performed since time immemorial by our great sages and Rishis as well as by incarnates like Mahavir and Gautam Buddha , who later developed their owns systems which are still practiced by the Jain monies and the Buddhist monks. The great sages practiced it in the past with certain changes to suit the time and space then. It is said and mentioned in the scriptures (Ravan Sanhita ) that Ravana was the master in all these VAidhyas .

He had ten head representing one Vidhya. We all know the opulence and the glory of lanka in the time of Ravana. It was due to these  Das Mahavidhyas that he achieved these powers, fame,glory and prosperity . Today, Politicians, businessmen, industrialists, legal advisors, scholars, diplomats and people from all walks of life perform these sadhanas. Das Mahavidhya can change one’s cause of destiny and course of life for the better.


For the first time, one can find all these shakties together in one place, a temple which is unique in its own. Please remember that these are MAHASHAKTIEES and have immense powers. Therefore, these pujas must be performed by someone who has mastered this over a long but tortuous course of time. A Puja performed by an ill trained or unrealized person can do more harm than good. Therefore, be discreet in selecting someone to these Pujas.

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